Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bad Movies Night!!! So Bad They're Good!!!

Now I don't know about you... but sometimes I get to the point where I have seen to many movies that claim to be innovative and revolutionary for whatever reason it may be. There are sometimes when it's good to acknowledge a movie for JUST HOW BAD IT REALLY IS.

I mean think of it. The producer actually thought this movie would be appealing to a certain demographic. The director must of been intrigued by the story at one point. The actors signed on believing this would catapult their career to another level or at least sustain it.

Now with all of this said...The movie gets rave revues but not for the expected accolades but for being known as the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE.

Man, what a blow. Or maybe its not so bad. Maybe it did exactly what it set out to do. The producer was talked about (maybe for being an idiot), the director was regarded as great at achieving the worst with such grace and excellence and the actors... well yeah....

So come and check these 2 movies out this Friday. We'll be showing "The Room" and "Forbidden Zone" two strange and problematic independent films with huge cult followings.

Snacks will be provided! Bring a friend and a sense of humor! Prepare to make this face: o_O
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Who knows... while watching this movie you might just get inspired to come up with any even better idea to become the worst. LOL.

So bad they're good!
Time:6:30PM Friday, November 20th
Location:214 West End Building, Brooklyn College

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