Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Wings of Desire" Screening

Thursday, November 12th
6:30 PM
214 WEB
This week we're showing a film that has been requested by a dedicated member of the film society since last year.  So you see, if you're vigilant in pestering us, eventually we will show that movie you really want us to screen.  :)

"Wings of Desire" or "Der Himmel uber Berlin" is a great German film from 1987 that won Wim Wenders the Best Director award at Cannes.  It's the story of an angel who, after watching people in Berlin, falls in love and wishes to become human.  If that sounds at all familiar, it's because it was remade in America as "City of Angels."  I promise this is better, though.

We'll have snacks, but, as we decided at last week's meeting, we will no longer be ordering pizza for every screening.  We're making that a once-a-month treat, so we don't blow through our budget on pizza or waste money when only ten people show up and we have four pies.

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