Saturday, April 3, 2010

Student Film Showcase!

 Friday, May 14th
2PM to 6PM
214 West End Building

We've only been talking about this forever! But here it is, our first Film Society student movie showcase!

All student films are welcome, not just qualifying films. That means class projects (40.1, 40.2, 50.1, etc.), independent study films, and even stuff you've shot outside of school. We do want the films to be good, though, so make sure it's a work you're proud to submit.

There is no time restriction, but unless your three hour epic film is a work of genius, we'll probably be sticking to shorter works. Qualify over quantity, guys! :)

To submit your movie, simply burn us a DVD with a brief note clearly listing your name, the title, and a little blurb explaining what the film is for (a class, just for fun, whatever). Then drop the DVD in our mail slot at the main office. You know where the professors have all their mail boxes? Ours is somewhere on the bottom and it says Film Society.

Important Dates
  • April 30th: the deadline to submit!
  • The next two weeks: the judgment period where we, the film society officers, go through the submissions and pick the best ones
  • May 8th/9th: the alumni reunion, when we'll screen three of our favorite shorts from the submissions along
  • May 14th: the big day where we screen all the best submissions!

At the end of the day, everyone will vote for their favorite film and the winner will get a gift certificate to either IFC or Film Forum (TBD).

Anyone is welcome to submit a movie, not strictly film students, so let your creative friends know! We'll show anything that's good or captivating or original. :)

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email us at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


(I know it's the wrong Bowie, but I like Labyrinth.  Shoot me.)

Welcome back, guys!  Hope you've all had a good winter intercession and are looking forward to the spring semester.  It's sure to be a busy and productive one, I'll tell you what.

First thing's first, we've got some staff changes:  Darin Kent, last semester's secretary won't be with us this spring, though we hope to see him again soon.  In his place, I've elected two dedicated members, Sarah Vanel and Madeleine Ranges.  I know they'll do a great job and look forward to working with them this semester. :)

Anyway, we've been doing some serious planning and have some good stuff in store.  This Friday, we'll be screening Apocalypse Now (original version) at 6PM in room 214.

Next Tuesday we're having a general meeting at 1PM in room 214, where we'll discuss all the fun things that are happening this semester.

Next NEXT Friday (the 19th) we're screening Oldboy at 6PM in room 214.

Anyone who comes to all three of those will get a golden star.