Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meeting Review and Movie Screening Update

So today we held a general meeting to discuss movie screenings (among other pertinent topics that you guys brought up) and we've come to the consensus that Friday Double Screenings are a good thing and you will come to them.  We will put this to the test this Friday when we present our first screening of the semester and the first double screening, as well.

Based on some responses from the survey we passed out and careful deliberation after the meeting, we've decided to screen Being John Malkovich and Alice, two surreal movies about traveling into a different world or state of consciousness.  Should be weird enough to be awesome.

Friday, October 2nd
6:30 PM
214 WEB
As in the past we'll be providing the vittles as long as you all provide the bodies.  Your own, that is.  Also your friends' bodies.  Alive.

But I digress!  Other movie ideas we heard were French New Wave films, some so-bad-they're-good movies like The Room (although we'll have to pay to screen it...  Really, guys?  This?) and Troll 2, some kickass recent stuff like Children of Men, and some double screenings that are diametrically opposed (Classic Hollywood vs. Dogme 95).  There was also talk of getting a booth at the NYC International Film Festival, although it might be cutting it close for us to get in on that since the festival is in late October.

There were, of course, other great movie suggestions that I either can't list off the top of my head or that were written down and not discussed aloud.  Darin has the surveys and he'll put up a more comprehensive list online soon, so you guys can check that out and pick your favorites.

On another note, while we the officers were having a chat about movie screenings after the meeting, we came up with the concept of going to see Paranormal Activity as a group.  It looks scary and fun and has been getting a lot of buzz and it's finally going to screen in NYC soon.  If you guys want to go en masse, we can try to book a theater and arrange a film society trip.  How about it?


Marissa said...

"As in the past we'll be providing the vittles as long as you all provide the bodies. Your own, that is. Also your friends' bodies. Alive."
^Oh MUST they be alive? I've got a few here that ... um.. well, it's probably best if we don't get into that.

But a group trip to Paranormal sounds amazing!

Johanna said...

I'd love to go see Paranormal Activity too!

Mark said...

Absolutely on for Paranormal Activity!