Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to the film society's new blog! You've probably already seen the forum, and if you haven't the link is on the side. Please join to discuss film society stuff (among other fascinating topics).

Today is the society's second general meeting and hopefully we'll get a lot done. Main issues to discuss are the following:

  • The Halloween Screening - We need to decide what movie to watch and when. We can either decide there and then with a vote, or we can direct everyone to the forum and set up a poll there.
  • Guest Speakers - We already have some people in mind but we need to plan a definite schedule.
  • Online Stuff - Mainly we want to alert everyone about the blog and forum and encourage everyone to join so everyone stays in the loop and can be as active as is ideal.
  • Taking out movies - This has been a frequent complaint and one that we, the officers, discussed in great detail and still haven't come to a satisfying conclusion. This is definitely a point worth its time since so many students want to take out movies from the film library and so few are actually being watched.
  • Events, Workshops, Equipment, Miscellanea - Basically once we cover the major bases, we can discuss whatever people want to talk about.
That's the basic agenda for today, but it isn't etched in stone. Hopefully it will go well and we'll get a substantial amount of issues settled.

Meanwhile, feel free to give us constructive feedback about the websites or the events or anything you feel like commenting on. We want to make the most of our time!


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